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ReplayTV 5000 Features

ReplayTV 5000 Features & Benefits

Note : These features are for 5000 series, to view features and benefits for 4500 series, please click here

With the new ReplayTV 5000, you can connect to the ReplayTV Service through your high-speed broadband Internet connection or an analog modem. Your choice. And regardless of how you connect your ReplayTV, you'll enjoy all the benefits this first-class DVR offers including easy one-button recording of your favorite shows and the option to watch recorded shows without commercials!  

If you choose to connect to the ReplayTV Service through a high-speed broadband Internet connection coming into your home, you'll be able to do some truly remarkable things.
Feature   Benefit
Send Shows over
the Internet
  The ReplayTV 5000 is so connected, it allows you to share recorded programs with other friends and family that have ReplayTV 5000s. And with its broadband connectivity, sending and receiving programs is a breeze. So, if you forgot to record your favorite soap opera, just ask your Mom to send it to you!
If you have a home network, you can connect your ReplayTV and stream video from room-to-room between mulitple ReplayTVs, or share digital photos between your PC and your ReplayTV.
Room-to-Room Video Streaming   With two ReplayTV 5000s in your home connected via the Ethernet port, you can watch recorded programs stored on either unit. So if you're using the upstairs ReplayTV 5000 unit and you want to watch a program that was recorded on the downstairs unit, no problem - just select it.
Your Photos™   Now you can transfer photos from your PC to your ReplayTV 5000 by connecting to your home network using the new Ethernet port! No more crowding around your PC to show off those new vacation pictures to friends. Instead, just copy your digital photos from your PC to your ReplayTV 5000 and watch the slideshow from the comfort of your living room!


Regardless of how you choose to connect to the ReplayTV Service, you'll enjoy the following innovative ReplayTV features:


Broadband Ready  

You can either choose to connect to the ReplayTV Service through your high speed broadband Internet connection or just plug in your regular phone line and connect to ReplayTV's built-in analog modem. Your choice.

Commercial AdvanceŽ*  

You can now choose to playback your recorded shows without the commercials using Commercial Advance. Don't worry, you can still watch recorded shows with the commercials, if you really want to, and you can still use QuickSkip™ to manually jump over them in 30-second increments.

* Under controlled test conditions with major network daytime and prime time broadcasts, approximately 96% of intraprogram commercials are eliminated. Actual results may vary and will depend upon the quality of television reception and the nature of the program recorded.

Show Organizer™   You'll have more storage space than ever before, so we've improved the Replay Guide to help you sort and access all those recorded shows easily with Show Organizer. Now you can store Barney and other related shows into the Kids category. It's even customizable, allowing you to create your own folders such as Dad, Mom or Cooking.
Conflict Resolver   If you have two conflicting shows set to record, a message will appear on the screen and ask you which show you want to record. Simply select the show you want to record and you are done. The other show will get postponed. It's that easy!
Progressive Output   If you have a High Definition ready TV (HDTV), the ReplayTV 5000 is for you. With the 480P Progressive output, you'll get richer, cleaner images. Improved color purity, color detail as well as a reduction in color noise and NTSC artifacts are the benefits of progressive scanning.
Digital Audio Out   Now you can get even better sound by connecting ReplayTV's new digital audio output to your sound system!
RF Output   Besides the 480P Progressive output and Digital Audio output, the ReplayTV 5000 includes RF output. Compared to the competition, we offer the maximum output configurations. So no matter what TV you have, you will be able to connect the ReplayTV 5000 to it.
Parental Control  

The new ReplayTV 5000 offers parental control. You can block shows that exceed your maximum rating and you can even block shows with no ratings for maximum protection. You can rest assured that ReplayTV will block offensive shows at the same time recording the shows that you want to record.

New and Improved User Interface   ReplayTV 5000 uses 24-bit graphics to produce a sexier, more appealing user interface when compared to existing DVRs.
Screen Saver   No more worries about TV screen burn-in with the new screen saver feature. You can even create a custom screen saver with your own digital photos.
MyReplayTV   Only ReplayTV lets you program recordings while you're away from home. With, whether you are at work or on vacation, if you can get online, you can setup recordings, view your personal Channel Guide or Find Shows. It's the first truly remote, remote control.
One-Touch Record   Just highlight a show on the screen, push record on the remote, and it will be recorded without videotapes or hassles. Really like a show? Just press the record button twice and it will be recorded every time it's on.
Find Shows   Quickly find the show you're looking for based on keyword searches. Enter the name of your favorite actor, director or topic and let ReplayTV create a channel that continually finds and records shows that match these interests.
Pause   ReplayTV gives you the freedom to attend to interruptions without missing your favorite shows. You can pause whatever you're watching, whether it's a live television broadcast or a recorded show, and then resume watching whenever you're ready.
Familiar Grid-Based Channel Guide   Easily browse the on-screen channel guide to see the next 12 days of programming information from cable, antenna, satellite, or any combination--all in one convenient place.
Instant Replay   Missed that shot? Instantly jump back 7 seconds and watch it again. With Instant Replay you can make your own call and relive the excitement.
QuickSkip™   Instantly jump over commercials and uninteresting scenes with QuickSkip. Get to the good stuff fast. Without commercials or time-outs, you can watch an hour of programming in 40 minutes. It's your TV, on your time.
Slow Motion   Catch every bit of the action in Slow Motion. Yes, this even works with LIVE television!
Frame Advance   With Frame Advance you can watch that controversial catch one frame at a time. It's a great way to slow things down and see every second of the action.
Personal Channels   You create your own personal channels based on your favorite shows, actors, keywords and more. These channels will record shows for you automatically so that there is always something good to watch.
No Videotape   ReplayTV will change the way you watch television, forever. It frees you from TV schedules, lets you find and watch the programs you crave when the time is right for you, all without the hassels of videotape.
ReplayZones™   ReplayZones highlight what's best on TV with categorized browsing & simple recording options. ReplayZones are organized into categories like Sitcoms, Sports, Talk Show Guests, Romantic Comedies and Westerns.
Guaranteed Recording   A guaranteed record will allocate storage space for the duration of the show or multiple shows depending on the number of episodes you've chosen to record. You'll never miss that show again.
Manual Record   With Manual Record, you can record a specific channel at a specific time… no matter what is scheduled in the Channel Guide. Manual Record is great for recording shows that do not fit into normal programming blocks like delayed sports events, music videos, and 24-hour news streams. You can also use Manual Record to record specific segments of shows, like the first 15 minutes of the news.
Show Extender   By adding extra record time before or after your scheduled recordings you can ensure that a program will be recorded--even if it runs before or after its scheduled time, or if the broadcaster's schedule does not match perfectly with the Channel Guide.
Money-Back Guarantee   The cost of the ReplayTV unit and lifetime activation is fully refundable with the 30-day money back guarantee. Please Note, shipping cost and monthly service fee is not refundable.
One-Year Warranty   Limited 90 days labor and one-year parts warranty.

Still have questions? Call 1-877-737-5298
Monday through Friday 6:00am to 8:00pm (PT)
Saturday thru Sunday and holidays 9:00am to 6:00pm (PT)
A ReplayTV sales representative is standing by.

ReplayTV 5000 requires a broadband Internet connection or a analog phone line. A home network is required for room-to-room video streaming. A PC connected to a home network is required to store and view digital photos with ReplayTV. If your ISP limits outbound data transfer speeds, it may take a day or more to completely send an hour of recorded material over the Internet. When in use, the Commercial Advance™ feature may not skip all commercials. ReplayTV reserves the right to automatically add, modify, or disable any features in the operating software when your ReplayTV 5000 connects to our server.

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