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Extended Daylight Saving Time

How will the Extended Daylight Saving Time affect my ReplayTV Set Top DVR?".


How do I…?

  • Update Subscription Account
  • Force A Channel Guide Download
  • Find my Service Key
  • Find Local Numbers, IR Codes, and Service Providers
  • If your monthly account needs updating or credit card has expired, refer to Update my Subscription Account for help.

    If your DVR is missing channel information, Force a Channel Guide Download will help you update the Channel Guide so that you don't miss your favorite shows.

    If you should ever need assistance from ReplayTV's Customer Care, Find My Service Key will help you determine the serial number of your DVR.

    Configuration is a snap when using Find Local Numbers, IR Codes and Service Providers.

    Troubleshooting Tips

  • Connection
  • Starting Up
  • Changing Channels (IR & Serial)
  • Video
  • Program Listing or Channel Guide
  • Are you unable to connect using your modem or the Internet? The Connection page provides valuable troubleshooting assistance.

    If your DVR fails to start up (boot) or is stuck at “Please Wait”, Starting Up can help.

    Do you need help Changing Channels on your Cable or satellite box?

    Does your TV show a blank screen or “No Video Signal”?

    Can't find your program in the Program Listing or the Channel Guide is not up to date?

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