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If you're serious about wanting to get the most out of your television viewing experience-and your free time-it's time for a DVR. And if you want the finest DVR made, there is only one choice. ReplayTV®.

ReplayTV is the most powerful DVR on the Planet.

It's a bold statement to make, but we can back it up.

Superior Recording

  • One-Touch Record: Scroll to a show in a familiar looking 12-day channel guide and press record. You're done. A red icon confirms that your show will record. Want the program to record for the entire season? Just press the record button a second time. It's that easy.

  • Find Shows: Know you like a certain actor but don't have time to research when his movies are coming on? The intuitive Find Shows feature will find every program he's going to be in-including guest appearances on talk shows, TV shows and movies. If your guy is going to be on TV, ReplayTV has the power to find him for you. Search by actor, director, title or subject.

  • Every Episode or Just the New Ones: ReplayTV DVRs allow you to choose to record every episode of a show or just the new ones and skip the repeats.

  • Internet Scheduling: On a trip and realize you forgot to record your Alma Mater's big game? Go online and tell your ReplayTV DVR record it. Talk about remote control.

  • Longest buffer: Sometimes 30 minutes isn't enough. Unlike other DVRs, the ReplayTV DVRs' live TV buffer uses all of the available storage capacity allowing you to pause 33 minutes or 3 hours - you won't miss a thing.

Total Control

  • Show|Nav™: Power jump forward and back to show segments to get right to the parts you want to see.

  • QuickSkip®: Skip through your show 30 seconds at a time to get to the stuff you want to see. Make an hour-long program 40 minutes by skipping over the fluff.

  • Instant Replay: Miss a line of dialogue? Don't understand a plot-twist? Hit Instant Replay and watch it again-whether it's live or recorded television.

  • Jump Anywhere: You can jump to anywhere in a show by pressing a number followed by QuickSkip. It's great for skipping to the 4th quarter of a game, or to your favorite part of a movie.

Intelligent Networking

  • Room-to-Room Streaming - Watch It Anywhere: Now all ReplayTV DVRs come with built-in home networking capabilities that allow you to connect 2, 3, up to 8 ReplayTV DVRs together*. Anything you record can be streamed in real-time to any networked DVR in your house. Want to enjoy the big game on the good TV but the kids are watching the big dinosaur? Send the dino into the den-the kids won't miss a minute. After the game, bring the family together for the Sunday night movie that was recording upstairs. A built-in RJ-45 Ethernet connector works with wired and wireless networks (802.11G suggested for wireless streaming).

  • Watch and Record Anywhere: Schedule two or more shows to record at the same time. You can record shows on any networked DVR in your home without getting up from the living room couch. Then watch whatever's been recorded from whichever ReplayTV DVR you're in front of*.

  • Resume a Show Anywhere: Start watching a movie in the living room, and if you feel yourself nodding off, pause it, and resume watching right where you left off, in the comfort of your bedroom.

* Room-to-Room streaming is not supported between the 4xxx and 5xxx series. You can stream from a 4000 to a 4500. You can also stream from a 5000 to a 5500.

Highest Performance

  • 480P Progressive Scan: Make regular television look great on that HD-ready set. Only ReplayTV DVRs scale normal television to the visually excellent 480P.

  • Digital Audio Out: Send uncompressed PCM audio to your A/V receiver over an optical cable.

Lots of Storage:

Only ReplayTV offers viewers DVRs with 40, 80, 160, or even 320 hours of storage. Choose whether you want a DVR with room for your favorite regular programs and some movies or one with space for all your weekly sitcoms, plus dozens of movies, documentaries and entire seasons of your favorite dramas to watch on your own schedule.

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Monday through Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm (PT)

ReplayTV and QuickSkip are registered trademarks of Digital Networks North America, Inc. ReplayTV 5500 requires a broadband Internet connection or an analog phone line. A home network is required for room-to-room video streaming. ReplayTV reserves the right to automatically add, modify, or disable any features in the operating software when your ReplayTV 5500 connects to our server.

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