Digital Networks North America, Inc. filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy relief with the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware on July 20, 2015 and has ceased all business operations. A chapter 7 trustee will be appointed by the Bankruptcy Court to oversee the administration and liquidation of the bankruptcy estate for Digital Networks North America, Inc. Creditors will receive a notice of the bankruptcy filing by mail.


  • Status indicators:
      - On/Standby
      - Recording in Progress
  • Infrared receiver for remote control
  • Custom remote control included
  • Power button to put device in Standby mode


  • Infrared blaster port
  • Serial port
  • RJ-11 telephone jack
  • A/C power cord
  • Ethernet port 10/100Mbps (RJ-45 connector)
  • USB port (for future functionality)
  • Network Activity and Link lights
  • Inputs:
      - RF/ANT for cable (F-type)
      - Line One (2 audio RCA: 1 composite video RCA)
      - Line Two (2 audio RCA; 1 composite video RCA;
    1 S-Video)
  • Outputs:
      - Line One (2 audio RCA; 1 composite video RCA)
      - Line Two (2 audio RCA; 1 composite video RCA)
      - S-Video
      - ANT/CATV out
      - Progressive output (YPrPb)
      - Digital Audio output (Optical connector)



  • Video horizontal resolution for composite and S-video outputs: 425 lines
  • Video horizontal resolution for Progressive output: 450 lines
  • Video signal to noise ratio: 50dB minimum
  • Audio frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz +/-1dB
  • Differential gain: less than 2% maximum

ReplayTV 5500 requires a broadband Internet connection or a analog phone line. A home network is required for room-to-room video streaming. A PC connected to a home network is required to store and view digital photos with ReplayTV. ReplayTV reserves the right to automatically add, modify, or disable any features in the operating software when your ReplayTV 5500 connects to our server.

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